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Here at Effortlessly Eco, we feel that the people behind the brands are almost as important as the products they sell! Here's your chance to get to know their stories so far, what makes them tick, and how their products are making a difference in the world. 

Joey and Thuta Leiho
Thuta Khin & Joey Li - Founders of Leiho

Tell us a bit about yourself and the brand?

We met during our masters course in London and both had a passion for building something with purpose and matter! Our journey at Leiho began with socks because clean socks are one of the most requested item of clothing at homeless shelters. For every pair of socks sold, we give another pair to someone in need. Our socks are also made with bamboo because if we are going to make a positive difference in people’s lives we need to make a positive difference in the environment too! But socks are just a start! We also sell water bottles and bags that support homelessness and poverty too.

What inspired you to start your business?

There are many basic essentials that a lot of us are fortunate enough to have but a lot of vulnerable communities need such as socks, food, water, underwear and many more. We decided to start Leiho in hopes to encourage and inspire people to do more good in their everyday lives and to also help us provide these basic essentials to those in need!

So far, what has been the proudest moment for your brand?

It would probably be donating over 1500 meals to vulnerable families in isolation at the start of pandemic in May! With the help of our customers and amazing supporters, we responded to the first lockdown with our Sock Deal campaign where 1 pair of socks helped give 4 meals. 

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced?

Due to Covid-19 we’ve had to transition being fully online which took away the chance for us to meet our customers in person and really connect with them. We used to make sure that we’d attend at least one or two physical pop-up stalls every month. But we are adapting to the changes as necessary by engaging with customers and supporters through our socials which has also been a great experience. 

Have you/are you introducing any sustainability initiatives? 

We’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable than we are today. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable including our flyers and stickers! In terms of our materials, we are now learning to ask questions we once felt comfortable but now deem as important such as where are the materials sourced from, how do the factories treat their workers, who makes our products etc. It’s really important to us to work with suppliers that also have ethical and sustainable initiatives and we are trying to improve that and be conscious of our environmental impact every day.

Finally, do you have a favourite eco swap? 

Thuta: It would have to be ditching the single use plastic and switching to a reusable shopping bag – it’s fashionable AND helps the planet!

Joey: Same here! 100% plastic bags but I’ve also switched to bamboo cotton buds and reusable cotton pads – to think that I’d be saving hundreds of cotton pads a year is crazy! I use them every day for my skincare routine so I’m all for this swap!

We are currently stocking Leiho's gorgeous Orange You Kind and Happy Chappy bamboo socks. For every pair sold, a pair is donated to the homeless!

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