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Here at Effortlessly Eco, we feel that the people behind the brands are almost as important as the products they sell! Here's your chance to get to know their stories so far, what makes them tickand how their products are making a difference in the world. 

Lily from Salt + Steam

Lily - Founder of Salt + Steam

Tell us a bit about yourself and the brand (i.e. what you sell, when did you start, where are you based)

We started at the beginning of October, so we're newbies! We handcraft small batches of bath salts, body scrubs and facial steams that are full of great natural ingredients to make you feel fabulous inside and out. We're based in North Yorkshire but we ship across the UK!

What inspired you to start your business?

I'm a big fan of a long soak in the bath but I was getting so frustrated trying to find naturally scented bath salts that were cruelty free, reasonably priced and didn't come in plastic packaging - so I decided to make them myself! 

So far, what has been the proudest moment for your brand?

Getting lovely feedback from our customers and having a great first month for sales - it's so exciting to know that we've created something that people love!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

We had a few breakages in the first week (our jars are glass) so we had to rethink how we packaged things to make sure our salty goodies reached people in one piece.

Have you/are you introducing any sustainability initiatives?

We're looking at the best way to offset our carbon footprint at the moment, and we're also going to be bringing in paper bag bath salt refills so that people can keep reusing their Salt + Steam jars!

Do you have a favourite eco swap?

The obvious answer - reusable jars of bath salts! But also ditching my plastic disposable razors for a Bambaw razor.

We are currently stocking a wide variety of Salt + Steam's gorgeous eco-friendly Bath Salts and Body Scrubs here at Effortlessly Eco!

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