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Here at Effortlessly Eco we like to help like-minded people share their voices! We will be holding a regular feature on our site, where guest bloggers can share a sustainability topic of their choosing. This week's blogger is Jessica Farrell from Life Styling.

What do you think of when you hear sustainable alternatives? 

Maybe it sounds complicated? Perhaps it sounds quite hippy?

Our pre-conceived ideas on this topic can be a little warped. It certainly is a mindset change, but pleasingly one that you can embrace in a stylish way. 

That is the essence of Life Styling, adapting the way we go about our day to day and working through simplifying our homes to own less but quality. This done through stylish organisation. Once we are clear on what we have, this helps us determine sustainable solutions and work out what smarter purchases we can make. 

There are so many stylish swaps, that are actually far more attractive than before. Take a bathroom full of plastic bottles for instance, you can simply swap 5 x different shampoos to either shampoo soap or a pretty glass refill bottle! and with 'Milly & Sissy's' powder refills, it's super easy! This process of simplifying allows you to know exactly what you have, and therefore be more conscious on what we are purchasing.

When I go through kitchen cupboards with my clients, it's interesting to see how over-filled they are, and in fact you often find larger quantities of the same products (if you can't see what you have, how can you know what you need?)

I have been following Effortlessly Eco for the large part of my journey and what's so wonderful is that it can be really effortless to be sustainable, and one step at a time you can make some great swaps! The process does not need to be scary, if we embrace it and put our stylish touch on it, we can have a lot of fun along the way. 

The ultimate win when simplifying your life and being conscious of sustainable alternatives it that the less clutter we have, the calmer the mind. 

We will regularly be featuring Guest Bloggers to write about a sustainability topic of their choice - if you are interested in being included please email - thank you!

*We offer Milly & Sissy's zero waste sachets in shower crème, hand wash and shampoo, as well as offering stylish reusable bottles to house them in.

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