Meet the Effortlessly Eco Brand Ambassadors!

Get to know the new Effortlessly Eco Brand Ambassadors! All three of these incredible people share the same values and passion that we hold here at Effortlessly Eco, making them perfect to represent us as a brand!

1. @slowlivinguide - I have created @slowlivinguide and as a digital space filled with topics around slow and sustainable living, healthy lifestyle and travel – inspired by my own habits, my love for the planet and forever admiration of Scandinavia and the Scandinavian way of living. I'm on a journey of being present more, consuming less and taking a slower approach to everyday life without living in slow motion - which my blog is about. Being aware of my environmental impact has led me to start making small but significant changes in my life which I would like share, so that we can learn from each other and collectively step up, save and protect our natural resources.

2.  @charliesconsciouscorner - Hello Everyone! I’m so excited to be part of the Effortlessly Eco team! My name is Charlie-Jade Jones, I am a soprano, actress, voice teacher and business owner and my journey into being a conscious consumer actually began as a teenager around twelve years ago because I found I couldn’t use mainstream high street cosmetic products due to their ingredients so spent a long time searching for natural alternatives. This led me to looking consciously for sustainable options too. I grew up just west of Paris and spent my childhood visiting handmade artisan markets and that has really stuck with me throughout my life as I always aim to support small businesses and purchase more sustainable and ethically made choices. You can find my conscious journey @charliesconsciouscorner.

3. @sustainablypeachyHi there, I’m phoebe. I’m a second year psychology and criminology student studying in Swansea. My eco journey started when I went meat and dairy free about 2.5 years ago, then when I came to uni I started to do more research and made efforts to buy products that were more eco friendly and sustainable. I stopped buying from fast fashion completely this year - it’s been 4 months and counting! My fav effortless swap has got to be second hand clothes or vintage finds Some other things I love is really good coffee, cats (I have two who I miss very much at home), cooking, swimming in the sea and i loveee dance and am actually teaching a class this year at my uni which is very exciting!! Hope I haven’t rambled too much but I love to meet new people, my dms are always open. I look forward to being a part of this effortlessly eco team!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be an Effortlessly Eco Brand Ambassador! There were so many amazing applicants - making it nearly impossible to pick just three. We really wish we could have picked you all - we will be re-opening the brand ambassador positions next year so keep your eyes open.

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