Mouthwash Tablets Peppermint - 120 tablets
Mouthwash Tablets Peppermint - 120 tablets

Mouthwash Tablets Peppermint - 120 tablets

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Brushd. mouthwash tablets are a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic bottled mouth washes. Just pop a tablet in your mouth with some water and gargle. Brushd. is a dentist approved brand, ensuring no dental health is compromised whilst ensuring a more sustainable product. 

About the brand 

Brushd. make sustainable dental products that promote good oral care while reducing plastic pollution at the same. Brushd. never compromise on the health benefits but also aims to decrease the amount of dental waste we create, by providing recyclable and refillable alternatives.

Additional Information

This jar contains 120 tablets - lasting approx. 2-4 months. Packaged in glass jars -  they are an easy way to help reduce your plastic footprint.


Sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, sodium benzoate, natural colouring, menthol, natural flavouring.