Large Orange & Cacao Vegan Soap  - 110g
Bean & Boy

Large Orange & Cacao Vegan Soap - 110g

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This Orange & Cacao Soap is a decidedly decadent bar of soap made with lashings of orange essential oil and real raw cacao. Reminiscent of everyone's favourite sweet treat but with none of the calories, this is a great bar of soap for the whole family. Bean & Boy balanced the sweetness of orange essential oil with a hint of earthy patchouli which gives this a really rounded scent, and they've added three bold colours to give it a fabulous marbled appearance. Raw cacao is used to colour the traditionally-made soap chocolate brown, and ground annatto seeds from the achiote tree gives a fabulous orange colour that ranges from bright sunshine yellow to blood orange throughout the soapy swirl. 

This Orange & Cacao soap is a richly-textured marbled soap. Because each traditional soap bar is made entirely by hand, soap colour and shape vary slightly from bar to bar. They are completely natural: traditionally made, rough cut, cured for six weeks or more, and hand packaged in brown paper to order. This great soap bar makes a fantastic solid shampoo bar / beard bar too.

About the Brand

Bean & Boy is a family-run business making soap by hand in Southend-on-Sea, UK. They started making soap for their family when their daughter developed a mild form of eczema that was made worse by commercially-produced soaps and washes. Bean & Boy spent months researching, and tried out loads of different recipes and combinations to find the ones that work for their daughter’s skin – and for them too. Bean & Boy settled on a combination of high quality ingredients, unfussy essential oil blends, and a slow soap-making process that is as close to the ancient traditional methods as possible. There’s nothing else added: no preservatives, no colourants, no fragrances and no additional heat to speed things up. The best things take time, and proper soap is worth waiting for. What started out as a necessity and family hobby quickly grew into a mini production line in their kitchen as friends and family started coming back for more. When they began “pre-ordering” before batches had cured, Bean & Boy knew they’d hit onto something special that they couldn’t keep to themselves anymore. Since then they've had their soap recipes certified and have introduced new combinations specifically targeted at problematic skin and household application. Bean & Boy have grown out of their kitchen and now make soap in their little workshop on a nearby farm, but they still ensure that each batch is carefully made by hand using the traditional cold process method and the finest natural ingredients. Bean& Boy don’t add anything to speed up the process, and they keep things as natural as possible. 

Additional Information

Bean & Boy soaps have all been safety assessed and certified as safe by an independent toxicologist, chemist and scientist. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: NO preservatives, additives, fragrances, parabens, SLS. They use the finest natural ingredients that are full of essential vitamins and minerals to help boost the skin’s natural balance. Bean and Boy ingredients are kind to even the most sensitive of skin, helping soothe, protect and nourish. Their ingredients are all-natural, ethically-sourced and vegan. ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: vitamin-rich avocado oil, moisturising shea butter, cleansing castor oil, vitamin-rich olive oil. restorative coconut oil and Vitamin-E packed responsibly-sourced palm oil, orange essential oil, patchouli essential oil, raw cacao powder, and annatto seeds.

Each bar weighs a minimum of 110g, a great family soap bar size.


Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil, Mineral Water, Orange Essential Oil, Raw Cacao, Patchouli Essential Oil, Annatto Seeds

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The best soap yet

I've tried a few soaps from Effortlessly Eco and this is definitely my favourite - smells lovely!