Our Story

Hello and welcome to Effortlessly Eco! 
I originally started my sustainable journey at the beginning of 2020 after receiving some bamboo reusable pads as a Christmas gift. After realising there was an incredible number of sustainable products/alternatives that I did not know existed, I created my own Instagram account, to help create awareness of these products in the hopes of helping at least one person.
This took off and I realised I had found a group of like-minded people who share my passion for sustainability and ethical practices. After some research, I thought there was a gap in the market for a sustainable & ethical online shop, that makes swapping to eco-friendly products effortless! A big part of this, is how the products I have chosen to sell, look modern and stylish, that you almost forget that they are sustainable!
All the products have been carefully selected by me – analysing the ethos of each brand, the style and ‘look’ of the product, and of course, how sustainable they are. Under each product there will be an array of icons to help you with your own personal preferences, such as whether they are Compostable,  Biodegradable or Plastic-Free!
I have also chosen products that I use myself – I have shared many of them with you in the past! Whether you are new to your sustainable journey or not, hopefully these hand selected products will help you towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and have fun whilst doing so!
I hope that you love the products as much as I do, but if you need any support in your sustainable journey or have any product recommendations, please do not hesitate to reach out! 
Eevi x