Bamboo reusable pads
Bamboo reusable pads

Bamboo reusable pads

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21 natural, biodegradable and chemical free bamboo reusable terry pads from Lina, with a 100% cotton travel bag and cotton mesh wash bag. With a similar feel to silk, these bamboo pads are incredibly soft and are perfect for removing make up at the end of the day, cleansing or applying toner. Unlike regular cotton pads, bamboo is great because it is a zero waste plant that uses less water to produce and grows in versatile and diverse climates.

About the brand

Lina is a small independent business from the UK that designs reusable biodegradable bamboo terry pads. Founded by Rachel and Luke, Lina is looking to expand it's sustainable product range. 

Additional Information

The bamboo is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. The bamboo fabric is similar to the softness of silk but is quicker drying. Each pad is made from 3 layers, which make them more absorbent than your usual cotton pads. Bamboo plants are more sustainable and versatile than cotton and can grow in diverse climates. Bamboo planting can slow forest deforestation and reduce carbon being realised into the atmosphere. These bamboo pads are safe to use on your babies, pets, glasses or phones. 


100% natural bamboo terry pads, 100% cotton travel bag and 100% cotton mesh wash bag.