Mint Green Safety Razor

Mint Green Safety Razor

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A stylish mint green unisex safety razor by UpCircle, with two additional replacement blades. A sustainable alternative to disposable razors, this plastic free razor is ideal for both face and body use. This razor is a more economical purchase if cared for, as your razor can last a lifetime, you only need to replace the blades.

Please note: It is illegal in the UK to sell to razor blades to anyone under the age of 18 years old. When purchased, you will have to prove your age upon delivery.

About the brand 

Brother and sister duo, Anna and William Brightman, noticed the worrying amount of coffee grounds going to landfill. By salvaging natural ingredients, the founders have successfully repurposed significant waste into a sustainable beauty brand - UpCircle. All products are vegan, cruelty free and 99% of the UpCircle products are plastic-free.

Additional Information

Safety razors can take some getting used to and use differs slightly to disposable razors. Firstly, hold the handle in your finger tips, then gently and slowly apply some pressure to the area. Let the razor glide over your skin and use short, gentle and even strokes. Rinse after each couple of strokes.

Please do not shave too fast as this can cause cuts.

100% plastic free razor with 2 recyclable blades, packaged in a cardboard box.


Chrome coated metal razor. Recyclable Razor Blades.